Allie Klawitter Photography

Studio Info —

AK Photo is the Chicago-based studio of commercial photographer Allie Klawitter.

Published Work —

Scholastic Art & Writing
Creating Knowledge Volume 11
Crook & Folly 38 Edition
Pitching Against Myself


Client List —

Riley Tincher Enterprise
Tiesta Tea Company
Steele Consulting Group




Allie Klawitter was born in urban Tulsa, Oklahoma and currently lives and works in Chicago, Illinois. She is has a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts specializing in Media Art and Photography. She is driven and inspired by diversity and the unusual details that go unseen, her photography captures the secret of the natural world. Allie’s photos have been exhibited in Chicago at South by Midwest, Fixate, Magnify, Savor, and the DePaul Artist Collective (DAC) Annual Exhibition. Her photography and designs are published in Crook and Folly 38th Edition (DePaul University, 2018) Crook and Folly 39th Edition (DePaul University, 2019), Creating Knowledge Journal Volume 11 (DePaul University, 2018) and Pitching Against Myself (Tincher Enterprises, 2017). 


A true photograph need not be explained, nor can it be contained in words.
— Ansel Adams


My photography is influenced by my background as an environmentalist. My work uncovers the subtle and unseen details of our natural world that are often overlooked in a fast-paced society preoccupied with technology.

Growing up in the predominantly rural state of Oklahoma, I became cognizant that environmental issues are being largely ignored by the general public, placing us all at great risk for our current way of life to continue in any sustainable fashion. Once I began living in the much larger metropolitan area that is Chicago, Illinois, some of these issues appeared to have more visibility, yet still a lack of effort to change is prevalent.

In my environmentally conscience art practice, my work uncovers minute details and the wonder of the natural world attempting to persuade people to consider simple lifestyle changes that can have an accumulative effect. Even within my portraiture, I focus on the natural beauty within the subject, letting their inner beauty and natural chaos shine through and allowing us to be more open and accepting of one another. I believe that effectively promoting diversity and sustainability can be most satisfying. I tend to look specifically for commercial opportunities that pair well with my open-mindedness and active lifestyle. If I choose companies that clearly promote environmentally friendly practices and share my values, I can find inspiration to use my imagination to help them succeed, whether it is in social network posting or in print and media advertising.